MNP in India

It is getting effective from 20th Jan 2011 which is really good news for all the people who are fed of their existing cell phone signal providers, as they will be able to switch to a better cell phone signal provider at a minimal fees of just 19 INR [ Indian Rupees ] along with the application form and required documents.

In order to change your mobile phone signal provider without changing your mobile phone number follow the step by step procedure below.

1. First of all you have to SMS the PORT to 1900.
2. After performing the first step you will receive a unique porting number which will help you to port your number.
3. SMS that unique port number to your preferred service provider to port your number to that service provider and let me tell you that unique number is valid for few days.
4. Now your existing operator will check the any dues or any other facts which may be restricting you to port the number. After they clear your number you can change your number to the other desired service provider.
5. Now after this you will receive an SMS from the new service provider which will tell you that date and the time of that porting session. This will be done in the next 4 days after applying for this service.
6. You phone will be dead for 2 hours while the porting is being performed of your mobile number. You will have to spend Rs. 19/- and submit the required documents to the service provider to avail this feature.