March 2009

April Fools
Wannna Propose a girl…….. Try this!!!!
Follow strictly the below mentioned steps and success is guaranteed:

Choose the girl you want to propose on the D-day.

Pick a rose

Spot the girl

Stand in front of her

Give her the rose

Hug her tightlllyyyyy

If she doesn’t resist. Battle won, the girl is yours!!

If she resists and stare at you angrily, immediately leave her and start clapping and shouting

‘Didi Darr Gayi, Didi Darr Gayi!!!’
And Say April Fool…………….

I am your girlfriend:

theek kaha na ?

In short I am your S.I.S.T.E.R. :p

Happy April Fools Day


After 40 years and 40 days, You’ve made it!
This is the last page.

Thank you for visiting the End of the Internet.

If you Click your back button, It will not work!

NO links on this page will work!

Now, “SHUT” down your computer and do something productive!

Write 60 letters and mail them at the post office…
Have lunch at the kitchen table…
Take your doggie for a walk…
Go play Bingo…
Go for a swim…
Go read a book…


And don’t forget…
Tell your friends YOU found “The End Of The Internet.”

Happy April Fool.!

1) Tujhe Kismat Se Chura Na Paye,
Tujhe Apna Bana Na Paye,
Tujh Par Marte Rahe Tamam Umar,
Par Tujhko Kabhi Bata Na Paye

2) ham wo siyaahbakhsh hain saaqir, ki shahar men;
Kholen jo dukaan kafan ki to log marna chhod den!

3) Ye na samjho ki dariya ki tarah mujhame rawaani nahi;
Ham jab bhi uthenge, lahar ban k uthenge, bas abhi thaani nahi!

Wo Aankhon mein ashq liye bethe hai,
hum bhi unke Pyar me Pagal hue behte hai,
hum to Jaan deNe ko bhi tayyar hai,
Magar vo hamari jaan bane bethe hai……


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