I Have Learned Lot Of Lessons
In A Short Time I Have Lived
I Have Learned How To Appreciate
I Have Learned How To Give
But In This Past Few Months
There’s Two I’ll Remember Most…….. …
I Have Learned How To LOVE
I Have Learned To Let Go……
You Entered In My Life Such A Force……. ….
And Let It With One As Strong
I Lie At Night & Think About U
If Only I Would Said Have Trusted You
I Could Have Missed This Pain
So I Spent Each Day Of My Life With My Heart In Pieces
And When I Thought It Never Be Cured……. …….
Something Happened
I Expected It Least
I Guess ” MY SOUL ”
Was All Cried Out
And It Was Tired Of Being Used !!!!!!!!!!!! !

Thanks & Best Regards

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