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1. “Khazane ko choro se nahin pehredaro se dokha hain. Is desh ko sirf dushmano se nahin, in gaddaro se dhokha hai. Yeh gaddar baithe hain.”

(Why should we fight? The funds in government treasuries are ours. The treasuries are not threatened by thieves but by those who guard it. The country is not betrayed by enemies but by these traitors.)

2. “I want to tell the youth of this country that this fight should not be stopped with Lokpal alone. We have to fight for removing the faults of the present electoral reforms. Because of the fault in electoral system, 150 criminals have reached Parliament.”

3. “After Lokpal, we will also have to fight for farmers’ rights, bring a law that ensures permission of gram sabhas before land acquisition.”

4. “I feel a little weak. But there is nothing to worry about it. The fight will go on till we get a strong Lokpal.”

5. “We are ready to talk to the government but there is no communication from their side. Where should we go to talk and whom should we talk to?”

6. “The country did not get actual freedom even after 64 years of independence and the only change was that the whites have been replaced by the blacks”.

7. “The same loot, same corruption, same rowdyism still exists.”

8. “Government is giving land to the companies which employs labourers and suck their blood. They tell the labourers you ensure production or else you will lose job.”

9. “Is this democracy? All have come together to make money.”

10. “I have taken decision of my life, if Jan Lokpal Bill is not brought in the Monsoon Session then I will continue my fast beyond 21 days.”

11. “When government refused to take the Jan Lokpal Bill we went to people’s Parliament and now we will not move.”

12.”I have lost three kgs but I am getting energy from my supporters across the country.”

13.”I have full faith in my country. This government has looted the country, we will now only rest in peace when corruption gets removed from the country.”

14.”The countrymen should not lose this spirit, this is our fight against corruption.”

15. Till Jan Lokpal Bill is passed, we will not leave Ramlila Maidan.

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