Nazar ko Nazar ki
Nazar se na Dekho
Nazar ko Nazar ki
Nazar lag jayegee
Nazar ko Nazar ki
Nazar lag gayee to
Nazar hi Nazar se
khafa ho jayegee.

To give real service you must add something
which cannot be bought or measures with money,
and that is sincerity and integrity

Never change ur originality for the sake of others
coz it’s ur world & no one can play ur role
better than u in this world, so be urself always!

Tu thi paas tab tha ek bahana jeene ka,
Ab tu nahi to is jeendegi ko bhi khair jeena kya!
Ab to teri yadon mein hi hai mashgul hum,..
Khair woh baat alag ki har lamho mein bante hai
april fool hum..

Beaulty is to see,not to touch
Friendship is to make not to break
wat cums nd goes is trend…..
the one who stay 4 ever is called friend

Dosti ke panno se bhari kitab ho tum
Rishto ke phoolon main gulab ho tum
kuch log kahte hain ki dost sachche nahi hote
un logon ke sawal ka jawab ho tum

Hum aapke liye ek TAJMAHAL banayenge
Hum aapke liye ek TAJMAHAL banayenge
Ek cup hum khud peeyenge aur ek cup aapko pilaayenge

Friends walk lightly into our lives n lovingly into our heart
at first we never care who ther are….
later we don’t know who we are without them…..

Oye !!! tune yeh baat sab ko kyon batayee
maine tujhe apna samajh ke batayee thi na
aur tune sab ko bata di
tune mera bharosa tod diya
aur sab ko bata diya ki
“main bahut sweet hoon”

life survives on change,
so instead of avoiding it,
take every change as challenge,
either it will give u success
or teach u how to successed

sardar sitting on side a boy asked him
B:y r u wasting ur time to sit here?
s: i m taking revenge
s:waqt ne mujhe barbaad kiya hai
ab main use barbaad kar raha hoon!

If u hv problem in choice
just flip a coin in the air
it works not becoz it solves the problem
but while the coin is in air
u’ll know what ur heart is hoping!!

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