Girls r special ones created by god..
if u praise her,she thinks u r tell’g lies
if u dont, u r gud 4 noth’g if she
talks,she wants u 2 listen.if u listen,
she wants u 2 talk. if u tuch her, u r not a
gentleman. if u dont, u not a man.
If u agree 2 all her likes, u r a wimp.
if u dont, u r not understand’g so
simple yet so complex, so wierd yet
so beautiful. Thats a girl…!

Na Gujarna EID ke Din kisi Masjid Ke samne se, kahi log CHAND samjkar ROZA Na Tod de, Hokar Khafa Khuda Tumse kahi Chand Jaise Chehre Banana na Chor De..

Ur eyes Patakha,
ur lips Rocket,
ur ears Chakri,
ur smile Fuljadi,
ur style Anar,
ur personality Bomb.
Beta nikal le,
i’m coming with “candle”..

Simple bye makes us cry; Simple joke makes us laugh; Simple care makes us fall in love; Simple touch makes us feel better but I hope my simple SMS makes you smile!-

3 Fastest means of communication
1 : Tele-Phone
2 : Tele-Vision
3 : Tell-a-women
Need still faster?
Tell her not 2 tell any1…

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