Dear friends,

There is a small story behind this shayari of Maa. I just felt like sharing with you all. As you all know i like to write shayari & my mom likes the way i express my words.
Once day she asked me: “Sayeeda, you write nice shayaris on almost every topic. Have u ever thought of writing about me? about Maa?”, I was speechless & promised her to write something of my own for her. At the begining i couldn’t generate words, I was simply lost, I didn’t know how & where to start from. Than I thought of an alternative name for the word Maa. What could it be? At last I realised its “Thanda Saya” & the rest (World) is “Dhoop”. From here I tried to make my words & it went on on & on. After I finished I got the best 3 gifts in this world. Tears of happiness, a kiss & a warm hug of my mom . I love you mom


Zindagi ki tapti dhoop mai ek thanda saya paya hai mai ne
Jab kholi aankh to apni maa ko muskorata howa paya hai mai ne

Jab bhi maa ka naam liya,
Os ka beshomaar pyar paya hai mai ne

Jab koi dard mehsoos howa, jab koi mushkil aayi
Apne pehlo mai apni maa ko paya hai mai ne

Jaagti rahi who raat bhar mere liye
Jaane kitni raatein, osay jagaya hai mai ne

Zindagi ke har moadh(mor) par, jab howi gumrah mai
Iski hidaayat par, pakarli seedhi raah mai ne

Jis ki dua se har moseebat loat jaye,
Aisa farishta paya hai mai ne

Meri har fiker ko janne wali,
Mere jazbaaton ko pehcanne wali,
Aisi hasti payi hai mai ne

Meri zindagi sirf meri maa hai,
Isi ke liye to,
Is zindagi ki shama jala rakkhi hai mai ne

By: Sayeeda (Tabassom)

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