Good Morning SMS

Everything is easy
when you are crazy about it
Nothing is easy
when you are lazy about it.
G0od mrning..:)
Subah Ho Gayi Mamu
Daton Ko Barabar Ghis Dalne Ka
Moti Ke Mafik Chamka Dalne Ka
Hath Me Cutting Chay Leke
Sab Friend Log Ko Bol Dal
“Subah Ho Gayi Mamu”
Bole To Gudwali Morning…
Sun Glows For A Day
Candle For An Hour
Matchstick For A Minute
But A Good Day Can Glow Forever
So Start Ur Day With A Smile
Good Morning…
Whatever Happens 2 Ur Day
Just Relax & Manage To Make A Smile
Life Is Not A Problem
2 B Solved
A Gift 2 B Enjoyed
Make Everyday Ur Best Day!
Gud Morning!…
Could You Do Me A Favor?
Put Ur Left Hand Over Ur Right Shoulder Then
Ur Right Hand To Ur Left Shoulder There!
I’have Just Given U A Hug! (“,)
Good Morning..!!!…

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